That sexy you've been seeking in Halifax

  Hello and thank you for noticing me. If you've been searching for a mature(40yrs), very attractive, truly uninhibited, delicious woman and you are a gentleman who is indulgent, loves to take his time and appreciates a woman for all her worth then you are in the right place. I love to pamper those special gentlemen who love reciprocal non-rushed companionship. My name is Cristy  (spelled without the H) and I have proudly been an independent  trustworthy, discreet, elite companion for 3+ years now. So please feel completely comfortable contacting me at your convenience.

 I am artistic, creative and athletic with a background in modelling and esthetics. My personality is refreshingly unique, modest and spirited. I am unfiltered, unscripted, intelligent, charismatic, and happy. I exude confidence, have a fun, quick wit, a soft, very kind heart and an admirable amount of inner strength. I have a huge love for animals, an affinity for cars and an affection for non- judgmental humble humans. I love being a companion but I have chosen to do it part time, allowing spare time for my many other activities. Such as, volunteering, activism, hobbies, relaxing and preparing myself for a visit with you! Although I love meeting with all types of gentlemen, I find I'm most compatible with the "entrepreneurial" types, men who are fun, very confident, generous, those who enjoy the finer things while still having an appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

     Life's experiences, my education and different occupations have taught me a lot. They've shaped and prepared me to be at my best in any social situation and for any occasion. My natural style and elegance are obvious and my choices in wardrobe reflect this. You'd be proud to be seen with me. However, I can't make guarantees as to how our meeting will play out but, I can make an assurance and that is, when in my company you'll be assured that NO request will be judged, no script will be followed and you'll be certain to have a whole lot of fun!!

Here are some good reasons to choose me for your companion: 

-if you love to have some light hearted fun

-if you need some womanly advice or want someone non-biased and frank to talk to

-if you need to relax, let go, unwind and love a good massage

-if you want to meet someone who'll absolutely accept and appreciate you just as you are

-if you are new or shy

-last but not least- I'm someone you can trust! 



Want to know what I've been up to, saying or thinking? - read my blog- 


What to expect:

An authentically sensual woman, one who is only limited by her own imagination, not by society's morals or others expectations or conditions. I am a true rebel with a cause and a proud lone wolf.


You may see just the physical, but I'd prefer my beauty be defined by, the softness of my heart, my many journeys, the strength of my character and my many struggles and successes.


I am tall, proudly mature(40yrs), slender, yet curvy,  blonde, of European descent, born and raised in Canada


My hair is thick, naturally blonde and highlighted.

My eyes are warm, inviting, and a pretty hazel green

My lips are seductive, kissable, pouty and talented!

My body is slender without exercise, soft and curvy, certainly not perfect , but  well proportioned at 36d-24-36/5ft9"/126lbs-

My legs are nearly 36inches, toned and loved to be adorned in sexy stockings

My breasts have been enhanced from a pretty and perky 36c to a sexier more voluptuous 36d, but you'd never know by touching them!

I'd make any gentleman's arm a wonderful compliment .



my philosophy:
I believe kindness begets kindness-do a good deed and a deed
will do good for you. Pay it forward, do something nice today it will come back to you ten fold.

I also believe that a persons character should always overshadow their appearance.

Also, speak out against animal abuse and please, if you can, give to an animal shelter in your area, they are all in such need.

Donations are what support shelters and keep their doors open

and save the lives of many wonderful dogs, cats and other homeless

animals. For those who get their pets elsewhere, ALWAYS SPAY AND NEUTER

your pet, they are your responsibility for their lifespan Not until you tire of them! Thank you:)

Please if you can "eat with your heart" choose humanely raised food:)



Need inspiration? Then please read:)

 A very beautiful story- 

 A touching story of a kind soul who is in need of help. Many need help, have lost their homes, jobs and could use assistance to get back on their feet. If you have extra, can offer help, please do so.

My passion:

animal welfare/strengthening laws/preventing abuse:

Dog fighting must be stopped globally please do your part to help. This is a story of one of it's survivors:

another dog fighting victim please read and spread the word we HAVE to stop this

why some days  I hate human beings-

like bacon-pork- eating it supports this!

 please watch How unbelievably cruel the Chinese are towards dogs-unbelievable!!!!!

 please watch-

again the Chinese show their lack of compassion and unbelievable evil in this horrific torture of an animal-watch and see if you don't feel the anger I feel plz sign petition below North Americans and our governments are cruel as well-this has to stop= please read

petition-  the truth!!! The treatment of dogs in Asia is deplorable and heart wrenching please petition the dog meat( where live dogs are burned, tortured and skinned) trade is a brutal beyond cruel business that needs addressing and laws if this doesn't anger you then question yourself! farm animals shouldn't be treated this way-complain and report abuse! trophy hunting needs to be outlawed   the fur industry is a savage, brutal needless one. Please don't contribute to it by wearing, buying or owning fur. No animal should have to suffer for a humans vanity! a story of kindness, selflessness and truly nice people

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